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01. Sounds
02. If You Wanted Me Once
03. House
04. Good Places
05. I Feel That You Need Me
06. Evil Side
07. Wine
08. Wait This Bad Day Out
09. Baby Bruised

this recording is licenced
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all tracks from my "evil side"
demo recorded in 2006
at kitchka studios




Michal Lotan is a musician and performer born and raised in Israel,
currently working on her debut album. she grew up in a small country village called "Dekel" where she was the star of the school choir. later when her family moved to Tel-Aviv, her music teacher made her mom promise she would continue on nurturing her daughter's vocal talent, her mother forgot and so michal started playing percussion and dancing on the Tel-Aviv sidewalks.
At age 19 she spent a while in Australia where she was a part of a band called "Ahimsa", where she sang, played percussion and guitars. the band was managed by a crazy animal rights activist who wanted mostly to protest against animal abuse and so, although the band had much potential they had to split up after an incident where gorey leaflets of abused animals were made the center of the show's attention.
In her happy melbourne period she participated in some underground performance evenings in different warehouse locations in the city. she also co-directed and co-written together with ania reinhold a theatre piece called "De-Caffeinated" which was shown in the short-lived underground theatre "Spindangle".
Back in Tel-Aviv together with ma'ayan goldman and shelly goral she produced a performance project called "Search Engine" which took place once a month in different locations in Tel-Aviv. later on she finally fullfiled her music teacher's wish and studied music at "Hed" and then at "Rimon" jazz school.
she is currently studying at "Shachar Dor's advanced performing arts program" and is also the lead singer of the israeli cross-gender cabaret band "Six Merry Musicians".


photos by ronen hirsch, taken @ "Hagada Hasma'lit" 2005



photos by yael
meiri, taken @
the jahpan 2004

captures from the
short film:
"the magician"